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Saturday, October 20, 2007

"creature comforts-esque"

this one is like that nick park show creature comforts

Thursday, October 18, 2007

"pave lineart"

old skribbles

"another dinohead"


a city i drewed many years ago, during my graf days...
its pencil and paper

Friday, October 12, 2007


done in markers and graphic white


everyone needs to make a little money. he could work for the government someday.

"ted and the dinos"

here ted peuce winds up in some prehistoric time faced with reptilian adversaries. they just need to eat.
this is done on paper wit' colored pencils and thats it.


unfinished piece of acrylic on sketchbook paper.

sum sketches

sketches outta my lil blue book. all scribbled with a ballpoint and colored with a highlighter.
my character Bambuda is on pg 2, the dude with cornrows. if you steal that idea/character, make your peace with ev'ryone, 'cuz when i find you... woodchipper city. enjoy!


i used to write, unfortunately it was before i came up with "PAVE". i'll still cut anybuddy using this tag. i keep a hatchet in my car for just such occasions, yes, the escort. stop laffing at me. this little piece rests in the pages of one of my sketchbooks, sadly it'll never getting thrown up on any walls.

"cigarettes for charity"

just a buncha colored pencil and pen lines on a sheet of paper.

"hungry bear"

done in crayola and a pencil on a sheet of paper



i like dinos. this was a profile drawring of a sculpture i made for a head rotation exercise whilst attending the prolific Vancouver Film School for Classical Animation in British Columbia, Canada. i wished i had known that traditional animation skills are as useless today as being a spelling bee champ in today's "text abbreviated" world. LOL! GFY!!

"ted peuce"

along with useless scribblings, i also make useless sculptures. here's one of 'em. he got brokeded by a useless human. he used to have a nose and a full mouth of rake teeth.

"Humpty Dumass"

early storyboreds from my illustrious career as nothing.

"dumb drivers"

most people shouldn't breed. if you accelerate from one red light to another, please, save the planet and kill yourself. i have a bit of a dark side if you hadn't noticed. *i also drive an escort, see earlier posting.

"Traffic Signs'

this one is how most jackholes on the road think it's their personal playground and get mad at any drivers who dare disturb their daily mission to endanger ev'ryone. this is how i believe they view the traffic signs: what they actually say and what the a-holes see. i wished i had lived in l.a. during the 1990's when f-f-folks could drive around with firearms killing each other. i woulda had a field day. ask me about my plans to have a "justifiable homicide day" once a year.


i made this spikey haired knucklehead years ago. using good old fashioned crayons from a drug store. i have a tendency to put my foot in my mouth, lemme tell you, wash your feet ev'ryday and carry breath mints.


"remember fist can be a verb" - Jimmy Pop, Bloodhound Gang
i made 'em backwards so's the impression left on lippy individuals' foreheads would be read right.

"El Escorto '94"

this is how i get from A to B. i guess the "in style" feature is not standard with this ride. also, "escort" is another way of saying "whore". i used a sticky note pad as canvas and array of highlighters, ballpoints and sharpie markers as medium (how appropriate).

"Grow Mountain"

so this joint is a farmer guy who plants a pebble, waters it and eventually it grows into a mountain...don't ask.

"Outrunnin' yer shadow"

This lil sequence's about a fictional sneaker that allows you to outrun your annoying shadow (actually a dude dressed entirely in black following you around). i still think it's a funny thing, so if you get crafty and want to nick it, think again, 'cuz i will cut you.


anotha B/W piece... i imagine this room to smell very bad. maybe the old spinster who used to live here died alone and became the catfood herself. Animal services came when neighbors called about the awful stench filling the neighborhood, they never found the lonely, ol' octagenarian's corpse however. Boy, that's funny.

"Something fishy here"

i'm coloring this pic still, there's alot of crud in it to color. So, i'm posting it in original B/W inkline. You gotta problem with that?

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Don't laff... this was me years ago "tougher than leather, sharp as a bowling ball". Now kids like this are MENSA members. No, i kid, they're still dumb.


i like dinosaurs. It musta been a great time to be around, droppin' down the food chain, getting chased by lizards that make the most ferocious of today look like kittens... ahh, prehysteria. ok, so i got problems.

"P.S.A. 101"

This lil diddy were done on a sticky note. At the time my own food-in hole was rather ripe, so i drew dis.

"High Roller"

A little doodle on celluloid and acrylic. He was a character in a late, late movie. Wish i knew the name of it...
Done in the days attending the incomparable Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Art in Dover, NJ.

Monday, October 8, 2007

sketchy stuffage

justa buncha doodlins...
can you find fleadog?

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

"sir mullet mcflickalot"

with a flick of the wrist and a toss of the locks
a hero for hockey haircuts and mudflappers everywhere


i drew this one too
again, all this crud is digitally cuhlerd

"runnin' a (luggage) train"

big bambuda tears up the tarmac with a luggage carrier from "Puppy Power"

"betty"-jim bambuda's custom mod '64 chevy

the van of secret agent james "big" bambuda. modified by techwrench, julio.
push of a button and the van is ready for whatever obstacles come its way.
here its kinduva dragster, a la Ed "BigDaddy" Roth.

"flea dawg"


this is a skull that i drew and colored.